Custom Website Marketing – Increasing Your Web Visibility

For successful internet advertising, a healthy flow of website visitors (traffic) is equally important as having a professionally designed website.

If you were to invest in a nice roadside billboard for your business, having the billboard in the middle of a secluded forest wouldn't make much sense, would it? Website marketing works the same way. Having a professionally designed website is the only the first step. Your website must be marketing so that potential customers reach your website.

For a professional website to be effective, everyday you need to have a consistent and growing number of visitors reaching your website.

Rather than just being anybody, these visitors (referred to as traffic in the internet marketing world) need to be people who have an interest in your product. These are referred to as "qualified visitors."

There needs to be methods of, not only increasing sales through your website, but for building an ongoing relationship with your website visitors.

Visitors may not be ready to purchase the first time they visit your website. But if you have reliable ways of keeping in touch with them, they may purchase products at a later time.

Most businesses receive more sales from leads previously acquired than from first-time website visitors. Effective internet marketing allows the business owner to accomplish these "visitor captures" effectively.

Despite what many web marketing companies will tell you, optimizing your website and submitting it to hundreds of search engines will get you little visibility in the internet world. Actions such as this can actually be harmful in creating a presence on the internet.

Truly increasing the visibility of your website will usually involve several approaches:

  • Search engine marketing strategies that have your website appear in the top search engine listings, such as Google, when users type in the words relating to your business. One of the most important steps in search engine marketing is to have many links from other websites, all leading to your website. This encourages the search engines to see your website as more important, which will result in more visibility of your website in user searches.

  • Facebook is the most visited website in the world and this powerful resource needs to be utilized in your marketing strategies. A professional Business Facebook Page needs to be created for your business and then multiple steps need to be taken to build up your Facebook fan base. Facebook is a powerful opportunity to build relationships with leads and then direct them to your website, all resulting in more revenue for you.

  • Advertising mediums such as Pay Per Click campaigns, email marketing campaigns, banner advertising, affiliate program marketing, paid directory listings, link building campaigns, and offline advertising methods. Depending on the type of business you operate, your advertising budget, and your customer demographics, decisions need to be made regarding what the most effective solutions are for you.

  • Depending on your business model, Community Based Marketing may be a critical marketing strategy which determines the success or failure of your marketing efforts. Community Based Marketing includes such strategies as blogging, an online community within your website, a professional calendar system installed within your website, Facebook and other social networks integrated into the design of your website, and other community building strategies.

    The successful model for many business websites these days is a community driven website where leads and customers interact, instead of an "advertisement website" which only displays product information.

VisionRise Marketing will help you drive customers to your website and help you to keep them returning.

But we don't believe in increasing your visibility to just anyone. Using "smart marketing technology," we focus on creating a web presence to the leads that matter. Our efforts are centered on increasing your visibility to customers who are qualified and have a desire to purchase your products and services. Whether you have a one-person small business or you have 1,000 employees, we will help you attain the website visibility you need to increase sales revenue, brand loyalty, and customer retention.

When creating your custom internet marketing plan, we will walk you step-by-step through the different actions that need to be taken for your unique business. Before we initiate any marketing management of your website, or encourage you to take steps yourself, we will gather research relating to your industry to fine-tune what strategies will be effective. In the beginning and throughout your marketing endeavors, we will give you the professional guidance necessary to minimize cost while also increasing revenues.

Website Metrics Management

Web metrics is the useful marketing-based information that can be collected as people visit your website. Web metrics are collected behind the scenes in the code of your website, if your site has been designed and configured correctly.

A powerful metrics program will allow you to significantly decrease your advertising expenses, while at the same time, increasing your leads and sales revenue. This is true whether you are spending a $100 or $100,000 on advertising a month.

Many business owners set up a website statistics program, which comes free with most hosting accounts, or set up a Google Analytics campaign. While these strategies can give you some useful information, they fall short of what can be achieved through a custom designed, fully integrated website metrics program.

Here is just some of the knowledge you can gain from a more powerful, custom-made metrics program designed by VisionRise Marketing:

  • What word usage customers are using to find your services.

  • What customers are looking for, but isn't available or highlighted, on your website.

  • Exactly what marketing source a customer originated from before making a purchase, whether it's a keyword typed in, another website, a specific advertisement, or some other source.

  • Where in your website (specific page and specific location within a page) you are losing the attention of potential customers and missing out on potential sales

  • Which headlines, sales texts, photos, graphics, and design elements are the most effective.

  • Which advertising methods are attracting shoppers who are not making purchases - this lets you know what advertising methods truly deserve your advertising dollars.

Much of this vital information can be tracked within your website. If your metrics program is designed properly, this information can also be tracked when a customer calls you and completes a sale, a customer sends you an email, a customer creates a support ticket on your website, a customer initiates an online chat, or when you receive a walk-in visit from a customer.

This knowledge gained from a custom designed metrics program can be used in the never-ending, ongoing process of improving your website design and sales presentation.

Even more importantly, unlike most businesses, when you know what marketing sources are working for you, you know precisely where to spend your advertising budget instead of throwing your advertising dollars into the dark.

The knowledge gained through a powerful metrics program can be used, not only to make necessary changes to your website, but also to redesign other aspects of your business to meet the true desires of your customers. This can include your print advertisements, radio/TV commercials, your sales presentation, billboard campaigns, and more.

For both online and offline marketing, a custom web metrics program can be the most powerful method of gaining crucial knowledge about the psychology, objections, motivations, needs, and wants of your customer, enabling you to have an edge over your competitors and increase your sales revenue.

Of course, VisionRise Marketing handles the complicated task of setting up and managing a custom metrics program for your business needs. We simplify the metrics knowledge gained in a way that is easy to understand. Using our years of marketing experience, we make simple suggestions to help you better manage your advertising budget, improve your sales presentation, and improve the effectiveness of your website.

For the small, medium, or large business, a custom metrics program from VisionRise Marketing is an affordable yet powerful strategy to take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts.

Along with your input, through competitive analysis and industry research tools, we give you the extra information needed for successfully marketing your website. We create affordable marketing strategies which are specifically tailored to your unique business and budget. Through a customized marketing approach, you will reach the customers you need to build your client base and increase revenue.

VisionRise Case Study

One of our clients, a private consulting firm, was spending over $9000 a month in advertising using various mediums such as pay per click campaigns, print advertisements, paid directory listings, and brochure campaigns. By installing and managing a custom web metrics program in this firm's website, we were able to see which specific advertising methods were effective.

For example, when a customer called, we were able to tell exactly which search engine this customer originated from and what keyword they used to find our client. Or if they responded to a print ad, we were able to see which ad from which specific magazine attracted the customer. This customer knowledge allowed our client to drastically cut advertising costs of methods which were ineffective and to increase spending into effective methods. Over a year's time, we were able to cut our client's advertising costs by 40% and increase their revenue by 30%.

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