Shower Pictures

We need a introduction picture for the shower filter page on

My idea was to have a woman in a shower, with the VisionRise Shower Filter..

If I have a picture of the VisionRise Shower Filter in a shower (with water turned on), I can take a photoshopped stock photo of a woman and put her in shower. With the right photo, it will look the shower water is hitting the back of her head.

This is the best shower girl picture I found so far:

VisionRise Marketing

I can cut out the background of the woman image, and then insert her in a empty shower with running water. Something like this:

VisionRise Marketing

If you look at woman, the camera needs to be set up at about a 45 degree angle when facing into shower.

VisionRise Marketing

Camera needs to be about face level also. Please take photos varying angles and heights so we can pick the best one. Also take photos zoomed in and zoomed out. Brighter lighting in shower is best.

Looks like the light is coming at her straight, so if you can adjust lighting and in shower this would be ideal.