Requested Lamps

Here is spec for bulb we need: GPH207T5VH/4P

Please give quote for 500, 1000, 2000. 

Please provide lead times (from order to delivery)

We prefer to have a lamp with a splice (185nm/254nm on one side, and just 254nm of the other half).

Down the road, we will also need the splices with the ozone side at 100%, 25%, and 12.5%. Right now, we just need the 50% percent lamp.

We will start off will smaller orders, and then build up in short amount of time. Maybe start at 500 every month or so. 

In the past, we produced 900 units a day at our current manufacturing plant here in Florida (which would require 900 bulbs). We are working to get back to that point, but we need to progressively reach this goal (inventory, workers, etc.).

Label on one of the bulb boxes:


Following is what lamp looks like. You can see 50% slice in the middle (which we need). The splice side, which is on opposite side of pins, is (VH/Very High) and produces both “ozone/185nm” and “254nm.”

On side which contains pins, splice is (L/Low) and only produces 254nm. 


Closer view of slice (which we need):


Close up of 4 pin end:

Lamp Ballast: 

More Lamp Pictures: